• Ford 'D' Series (full Chassis Kit)
Ford D Series full  long wheel base chassis kit. this kit can be shorted to your desired length and contains a photo etched walkway for the tractor unit version

Resin Parts
1 x cab
1 x floor pan
1 x dash
2 x front wheel arches
1 double seat
1 x single seat
1 x battery box
1 x exhaust system
1 x front grille
2 x tank brackets
1 x fuel tank
1 x front bumper
1 x rear cab mount
1 air tank assembly
1 x spare wheel carrier
2 x rear hubs
2 x rear wheel arches
1 rear drive axke
2 x rear suspension units
2 x brake chambers
2 front wheel hubs
1 x engine
1 cylinder head
1 x compressor system
1 x exhaust manifold
1 x radiator
1 x air filter
1 x front engine mount
2 x chassis rails
3 cross members
1 x gear box cross member
1 x short prop shaft
1 x long prop shaft
2 x steer wheels and tyres
4 x drive axle wheels and tyres

Miscellaneous parts

2 x front indicators
2 x rear lights
2 x photoetched headlights
2 x photoetched front marker lights
CNC machined windows
Vac formed Screen
180mm x 3.5mm x 0.5mm plastic strip
50mm x 0.5mm plastic rod
100mm x 0.7mm brass rod
1 x photoetched fret


Metal Parts

8x wheel arch brackets
1 x steering wheel
1 x steering column
1 x clutch pedal
2 x brake controls
1 x gear lever
2 x bottom mirror brackets
2 x door handles
2 x radiator pipes
1 x starter motor
4 x cab hinge mounts
1 x oil filter
1 x fuel filter
1 x fan belt pulley system
1 x fan
1 x steering axle kit
2 x front suspension springs
2 x rear brake actuators
2 x mirrors

Ford 'D' Series (full Chassis Kit)

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