1:24 York skeletal/container trailer

completely redesigned and new masters.

The kit  now comes with photo-etched parts, decals, side maker lights and full colour 5 page instructions.

Please note kit does not come with tyres but the rims are designed to take the standard Italeri tyres

Complete list of parts


2 CNC Machined chassis Webs

    and Flanges

4 hubs

8 rims

4 brake chambers with slack adjusters

4 suspension units

1 air tanks

1 trailer brake

1 Landing leg set

12 twist locks

12 twist lock handles

1 set air line couplings


1 rear bumper

1 Photo-etched fret containing 6 parts

1 Photo-etched fret containing rope hooks

2 mud flap stays

2 rear lights

1 Decal sheet

1 x King pin plate

40mm x 2mm plastic rod

200mm x 5mm plastic tube

100mm x 6mm plastic tube

100mm x 1mm plastic rod

570mm plastic 'H' section

200MM plastic 'T' section



York skeletal/container trailer

  • £55.00

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